Helen Ki 

Helen Ki in practice is a natural-based cosmetic producer that specialises in making body and hair products. The products are rich in natural oils and purified extracts that are carefully selected and combined to nourish the skin and hair. 

Helen Ki in name and practice inspired a solid concept of a long-lost treasure. The minimal serif logo reflects the heritage and authenticity of the name. Whilst, the supporting design elements take the colours of gold and turquoise with rigid shapes. The rich ingredients are designed as if they are the treasure. 


Color Palette


The logo is created with a serif typeface to reflect the luxury and heritage side of the brand. The letter ‘e’ is enlarged to ease readability. The ‘e’ finial, which is the tale reaching to the top, is linked to the crossbar, which make is it unique and different from any other e; also, its roundness communicates to the reader a soft and friendly feeling, which is hoped to be more acceptable and approachable by the customer. Whereas, the letter H and K are widened to increase the volume of the overall logo.

The primary logo is the English version as the brand is based in the UK.  However, there are a few variations made for the Arabic version of the logo, which is intended for the official government use in any Arabian country. 

Helen Ki Logos RGB-02.png

Main Element

The main emblem represents the core theme and design direction for the brand. Its geometric and symmetrical shapes are the main principle for the design. The colours application is one to show contrast and add beauty to it. It can be minimized to even to colours, but we don’t recommend exceeding the amount of the shown colours. 

Main emblem-01.jpg

Graphic Elements







Helen Ki Brand 3 Embossed Paper Logo Moc


Helen Ki Brand 3 Stationery Mockup - Par


Helen Ki brand 3  Tube Mockup C.1.jpg