Esperanza, which means ‘hope’, is the identity Rana chose for her personalised jewellery shop. She aspire to make Esperanza the place where a person goes looking for meaningful jewellery and/or building strong bonds with beloved ones.


For Esperanza’s noble values and identity, Rana chose the mythological creature ‘Cupid’, which is known as the god of love

and desire, as a symbol for the shop. The cupid symbol was used directly as a drawing in the logo until this re-branding took place.

Color Palette


The logo is a minimal serif logotype that captures the authenticity and

classiness of the business. The letter E reshaped to represent a bow and

a love arrow is an abstract representation of the cupid. This minimalistic

approach preserves the old identity and its symbolic meaning while making

it more fitting for a jewellery shop.

Esperanza Logo--05.png

Graphic Elements

The brand style is geometric illustrations that are based on astrology. The sun, moon, planets, and stars are the key elements.

The style reflects the whole universe and the vast horizons for stories to cover. It is basically the space-time for any story.

This design direction aims to reflect how dreamy Esperanza is. Unlike any other jewellery shop, Esperanza makes people emotionally live in the universes they choose with the people they love.


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Esperanza’s values are key elements in promoting the business. Within each value lies an ocean of content to create, and stories to tell.

These designs are created to be symbols for each value and can be used throughout the brand application in a minimal manner.

Graphic Elements

Social Media

Instagram Posts

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Packaging Design